Our Mission

  Helping Hands Mission Thrift Store has been an established Christian Non-Profit organization for fifteen years. The first half in Grand Rapids and then moving to Southern Georgia almost eight years ago. Sue Ketchel has dedicated her heart and soul to the love of this mission and it’s goals. We appreciate her efforts of good faith and will miss her upon her eventual retirement. She will stay on for a time as the President of the organization and as a consultant as we embark in this exciting transition.

   As an all-embracing and all-loving faith based mission, we believe that the greatest good starts at home. Because of this, we will be donating our proceeds to local homeless charities.  We are proud to announce our new, local mission, Westown Jubilee Housing! Westown Jubilee Housing selects, trains, coaches and equips local families to become homesteaders in the Westown community. Their focus is to bring people from homelessness to homeownership in the heart of Grand Rapids while giving glory to God! Follow the link to read more on this wonderful organization: www.wjhousing.org

   We are working to establish some long term relationships with consignment shop donors as well as private donors to ensure lasting assistance in our community. As we are a non-profit organization, we can offer tax deduction slips for any donations we receive as well as offer a pick up service.

Contact information is listed below.

1008 Leonard St. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49405

We also have a donation link available for monetary donations:

You can find us on facebook at:

Please Call Mindi Ketchel, Store Manager with any questions or concerns:

Thank you very much for your time,
Mindi Ketchel
Helping Hands Mission Store Manager